Our flood protection solutions are tailor-made to solve the specific challenges builders and architects face every day.

Integrated Project delivery is an important trend in the Architectural Engineering Construction (AEC) industry. We have introduced our pre-construction consulting services to the architectural industry to help IPD systems change in a unique and positive way that may influence a revolution in team collaboration.

For years, there has been a disconnect between FEMA and NFIP regulations. This division has impacted the insurability once construction has been completed. We have found a solution to identify problems and procure solutions to this matter, as well as educating their clients on how to understand FEMA compliant standards and available grant money for flood mitigation services.

We are using our expertise in guiding architects on understanding flood maps and challenging inaccurate flood zone delineations from FEMA for potential qualifications for LOMA and LOMR submissions. Our team of engineers and architects has the largest inventory of flood mitigation devices and services in the USA, making us a one-stop shop for all your flood zone requirements. These products are FEMA compliant and certified for flood insurance credits, helping architects to mitigate problems and build in compliance with NFIP regulations.

FRA will work with you to evaluate the construction drawings and prepare recommendations to current design specifications to increase the chances of providing a structure that complies with the future flood Insurance Rate maps (FIRM’s), which, in turn, will maintain the lowest flood insurance premium rates well into the future.



•   Reduce Construction Cost
•   Avoid Costly Flood Proofing Errors
•   Expedited Permitting Time
•   Building FEMA Compliant
•   Navigation Through Floodplain Requirements
•   Increase Property Value
•   Proper Mitigation Measures Against Potential Flooding
•   Evaluate Shop Drawings and Prepare Recommendations

Let Flood Risk America help you today.

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