I want to say thank you to Stephen, who went to bat for us with FEMA/NFIP, and won.  You told me what you were going to do, and you did it.  A true professional, and I want you to know that your efforts are very much appreciated.  Take care, wishing you much success in the future.
— Elijah, Ruth Chris Steak House

Case Study #1

Real Estate Company

Annual Savings:

A large multifamily real estate company owned a large apartment complex with 14 buildings, where the NFIP flood insurance premiums were $165,434 for 14 flood insurance policies. The high cost resulted in the property operating with a negative cash flow for several years, which substantially decreased the value of the property.

The client desperately sought a solution that would decrease their flood insurance costs while allowing them to maintain the same coverage in order to satisfy the lender’s flood insurance requirement. 

Flood Risk America leveraged their specialized team of engineers to perform a detailed flood risk assessment and found that the flood zones and elevations were incorrect. FRA was able to re-rate the flood policies using an alternative rate structure available through the NFIP.

Flood Risk America:
•    Reduced the flood premiums by $138,000 by maintaining the same flood coverage
•    Increased the property value
•    Procured a $110,000 refund

Case Study #2

Wildwood Towers

Annual Savings:

Wildwood Towers in Wildwood, New Jersey
Flood Risk America flood proofed the ground flood.

Flood Risk America:
•    Reduced annual flood premium by $140,000
•    Lowered their flood premium by 85%

Case Study #3

Ruth Chris
Steak House

Flood Risk America saved Ruth Chris Steak House $30,000 in flood insurance. FRA was able to re-rate the flood policies using an alternative rate with FEMA.

Flood Risk America challenged the inaccurate flood maps and the land elevations, which reduced their flood premiums by 89%, while providing them with the opportunity to obtain better coverage amounts with lower deductibles.