Inside the Pre-Emergency Preparedness Planning Program

We are excited to announce the launch of Pre-Emergency Preparedness Planning Program - extremely effective package of our signature 24/7 Flood Watch along with Flood Defense products to ensure that your investments are protected from flooding before it even occurs.

What Does the Pre-Emergency Preparedness Planning Program Include?

Emergency Preparedness Planning is a smart bundle of emergency prevention services offered by Flood Risk America to ensure your properties are safe BEFORE the event of flooding, and include the following:

•    Flood prevention, Property Protection and Flood Risk Mitigation Plan
•    Flood Risk Analysis for Your Complete Property Portfolio
•    Flood Safety Plan
•    Building Valuations
•    24/7 Flood Watch Program
•    24/7 Emergency Flood Protection Deployment
•    24/7 Claims Assistance
•    Temporary Power / Heat
•    Security
•    Temporary Board Ups and Site Containment
•    Hazmat Situations (Ex. Asbestos and Mold)
•    Control and Clean Up Chemically Contaminated Floodwater
•    Protecting Building Utilities
•    Inventory Assessments
•    Post Loss Cost Control
•    Flood Claim Damage Restoration / Cleanup
•    Emergency Grant Assistance

The Pre-Emergency Preparedness Planning Program can also address roofing failure, infrastructure failure, major components failure (boiler, water supply, pumps), epoxy pipe lining for pin-hole leaks, inventory preservation, business interruption, compliance planning, threat and vulnerability assessments, gap analysis, inventory/contents loss assessment and energy audits.

For more Information, contact:
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