Preparation For a Flooding Emergency: Step 1 UnderstandingYour Risk, Vulnerability Assessment

Understand Your Risk with a Vulnerability Assessment. 

Understand Your Risk with a Vulnerability Assessment. 

After you have completed your flood risk assessment on your property (s), determined your flooding risk and elevation data, it is important to assess your susceptible areas within your property.  A Vulnerability Assessment provides information and recommendations to improve the functionality of critical capacities and flood proofs expensive equipment.

For example, it is important for prevention of flood exposure to elevators, high voltage rooms, control rooms, and other areas that store valuable assets. This mitigation plan and Vulnerability Assessment can help reduce the damage and disruption of operations during severe flooding events.  The mitigation plan will also account for loss of power, which is extremely important if you are a property management company and are leasing out to tenants or own a commercial property and cannot afford to have loss of business time.

A team of architects and engineers often conduct the Vulnerability Assessments, working closely with facility managers, operators, and maintenance staff to provide detailed and concise information. Findings from such an assessment can lay the groundwork for planning and budgeting capital improvements, identifying mitigation opportunities, and developing contingency plans that address flooding risks. Flood proofing equipment and creating redundancies requires emergency planning and explicit documentation in a disaster plan based on a comprehensive understanding of system capacity.


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