FLOOD RISK CANADA is a proactive flood risk management company specializing in thorough evaluation and reporting of flood risks throughout Canada. 


In Canada, property flooding is the leading cause of natural disaster for the country. The need for flood forecasting has been heightened to a significant level of urgency. With the increase of heavy rainfall and rising sea levels linked to global warming, it is vitally important that the industry is efficiently prepared for flood events. It has become critical for commercial real estate companies to proactively assess their flood risks to better understand their true flood exposure. The damage and disruption caused by flooding is devastating, economically, professionally and emotionally.

Flood Risk Canada is a proactive flood risk management company specializing in thorough evaluation and reporting of flood risks throughout Canada. We focus on exposure, uninsured losses and liability. You have the properties and we have the flood prevention solutions. We’ve saved millions if not billions from eliminating the risk of flooding large valued structures. 

Is your property in a flood zone? 

Our Task

Our flood determinations are performed using the most current maps and data available, as well as other numerous mapping resources. Flood Risk Canada clarifies true flood exposure, as we also look at historical flood losses. Our solid flood map data includes the correct flood zone classification for every building based on the flood map. We identify the potential impact of extreme flood events, affecting your Property Portfolio. We also have made great strides on actions to take for effective flood resistance measures and how urbanization and climate changes impact flood intensity.

Our Staff

We are experienced, flood-mapping professionals, built from a team of local and national experts in the field of flood services. This collaboration allows us to partner in innovative and creative techniques of flood plain modeling and engineering designs. Our strength is that our data is current and can be applied proficiently to measure flood risks in the market. Our results guide you to smart business and educated solutions.

Quality Assurance

Flood Risk Canada adheres to a rigorous Quality Control Program to ensure that all data is current and accurate. Our trusted team, certified flood map engineers, guide our clients directly from the data and are constantly developing cutting-edge solutions that meet the toughest flood risk challenges. With this pertinent information there is control over a risk, uncertainty is reduced and the efficiency of your Property Portfolio is drastically improved. Quality Assurance is extremely important to us and we make sure that every factor of our system and process is properly analyzed.


Flood Protection Solutions in Canada

Flood Risk Canada brings a full-house of flood protection services and products to property owners.


FRA Flood Panel

The FRA Flood Panel uses our patented, sustainable flood-seal technology to protect elevators and control room doors against rising floodwater. This device creates a sealed barrier around the elevator doors, preventing water from entering. Each panel is designed specifically for a customized fabrication to meet individual installation requirements and custom shaping and contouring to meet job-specific demands. It is both easy to install and remove, taking only a few minutes.

Download FRA Flood Panel Flyer (pdf).

Flood Protection Program 

Flood Risk Canada offers a proprietary Flood Protection Program and a variety of flood mitigation products for property owners in Canada. It starts with the Flood Risk Assessment, when our flood expert team identifies exact location of building that is prone to flooding by analyzing low points of elevation and flood ways. Then, Flood Sensory Systems will be placed on buildings that are located in a high-risk flood zone, while ensuring 24/7 flood forecasting and monitoring. If building is at risk of flooding, flood loss prevention team is dispatched to the location immediately, providing protection and eliminating any “loss of business time” and flood damage with our provided services.

Flood Mitigation Training

We are proud to announce the advancement of our accredited Flood Mitigation Training Program. This training program emphasizes the conceptual elements of flooding, how to prevent, mitigate, prepare, and recover from an emergency flooding situation.

Emergency Preparedness Planning

Emergency Preparedness Planning is a full-service emergency risk management program launched by Flood Risk Canada that offers prevention when the need for emergency preparedness is the most significant and immediate response is critical for a relatively small monthly fee. This extremely effective combination of valued emergency prevention products and equipment is suited for all weather-related perils. It ensures that our clients are prepared for an emergency before it happens, and recover fast from emergency situations with our innovative tools and approaches.

Download Pre-Emergency Preparedness Flyer (pdf).

Download Flood Sensory System Flyer (pdf).

Portfolio Flood Risk Management

Our detailed Property Portfolio Flood Risk Assessment report provide a comprehensive analysis of flood risk for any property in Canada and identify the appropriate flood risk management solutions. These reports would represent a very detailed outline of flood risks for each building in your property portfolio.

Golf Course Protection Plan

Flood Risk Canada’s Golf Course Protection Plan is uniquely designed to help our clients acquire flood insurance not only on the clubhouse, but also to the bunkers and fairways as well. Our services are backed by a $10,000 warranty protection plan, so if flooding would happen, we repair up to $10,000 in flood damage. In order to best serve our clients, we have developed a three-step flood prevention process.


There is an effective flood protection solution for every business.

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