Save Your Golf Course From Flooding

Have you ever experienced Flooding on your golf course, worried about sea level rise, or want to acquire flood insurance on your greens and bunkers? 

Owners explained the cost of damages that they were facing regarding flooding damages and what could be done to prevent them, so we came up with a solution. Flood Risk America and Flood Risk Canada’s Golf Course Protection Plan is uniquely designed to help our clients protect their Golf Courses from flooding using our customized flood products and acquire flood insurance not only on the clubhouse, but also on the bunkers and fairways as well.

To identify a course’s flood risk, Flood Risk America would first conduct a flood study. The study includes statistical data from river flow, storm tides, hydrologic/hydraulic analysis, and rainfall. The Flood Study will incorporate spring, run-off, and large precipitation events which will identify exact locations of flooding, sources, and vulnerable areas of the golf course. The Study will also give recommendations to the size, height, and type of flood protection needed. 

What the Flood Study Entails:

  • All aspects of Flood Mitigation/Protection, measuring dry and wet flood-proofing

  • Create a base flood elevation in 100, 500-year flood storm

  • Analyzing existing building features and identifying all areas of the golf course vulnerable to flood water intrusion

  • Provide potential remediation and/or mitigation recommendations

  • Preparing a Flood Emergency Response Plan (FERP)

  • Investigation of historical flooding

  • Flood Deployment Plan

Golf Course Protection Plan

A_Golf_Course edited.jpg

Step 1

Flood Study

Identify your complete flooding vulnerability, including historical data, land characteristics, flood elevation data, and areas of potential water intrusion.


Step 2

Identify Products and Solutions that will best suit your individual needs based on your vulnerability.

We have many flood protection solutions that are customized to the size, height, type, and amount that you need for each area of your golf course.


Step 3

Leave the worry of flood behind

By following FRA’s recommended solutions, you will now be able to eliminate any "loss of business time", flood damage, and protect your course from Mother Nature’s most deadliest disaster. Oh, and PLAY MORE GOLF!

Take Advantage Of Our Flood Mitigation Products


Flood Sensory System

Signals flood warning and provides the ability to deploy flood protection devices immediately.


FRA Flood Barrier

Double chambered, Environmentally friendly, FM Global certified


FRA Flood Bag

Flood protection for expensive golf equipment


Our unique flood risk management services will allow golf course property owners to make smarter business decisions and avoid large flood losses.