When a track is within the flood zone, the deductible can be up to $5,000,000 and the sub-limit is lower. When the track is outside of a flood zone, the deductible is $250,000 and the sub-limit is much higher. After understanding this information, we made it our utmost goal to do whatever it takes to not only help our clients receive their highest amount of safety, but to also have them save money in the process. We offer unique flood risk management solutions throughout North America that are customized specifically to the needs of railway businesses. Railway companies can now be empowered to proactively assess their true flood risk due to derailment and to better understand true flood exposure on railway tracks. We work diligently to protect and prevent losses, while creating a trustworthy and sustainable relationship. We look forward to becoming your solution. 

Flood Risk Assessment

Get a comprehensive flood risk analysis of any part of your railway tracks throughout North America. Our Flood Risk Assessment identifies exact locations of railway track areas that are prone to potential derailment and environmental disasters.

24/7 Meteorological Forecasting

Receive flood alerts when your drivers’ routes include parts of tracks at risk of flooding. With our Flood Sensory System, we can notify in real-time via email or text. 24/7 Meteorological Forecasting assists you with weather alerts and flood monitoring in real-time. 

Simulation Flood Plain Modeling

Our flood plain modeling is presented in a 100-year and 500-year flood zone simulation which clarifies where the fragility of the lines are located. It reviews the track and identifies low points of elevations that will flood in a 100-year storm. The review of flood ways and storms include flood probability, as well as vulnerabilities and consequences.

Our unique railway flood risk management solutions will take your business to great strides in quantifying the impact of the propensity of flood at any given area of a railway track. The poignant data from river flooding, coastal flooding, surface water full flooding, and even groundwater flooding is key to successful flood preparedness and smart business decision making to avoid flood losses.