Flooding can be devastating and cause significant damage to your property portfolio. We have highly customized flood risk protection and flood mitigation solutions designed specifically for the real estate industry. We assist property developers, owners, operators, and their respective insurance agents and brokers to evaluate true flood exposure of buildings and structures located in the Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA).  We offer complimentary flood risk assessments for any property that is located in the high-risk flood zone in the USA and Canada. We have successfully helped many property owners to receive flood insurance refunds and remove lender requirements.  We are able to significantly reduce flood insurance premiums, while providing property owners with the opportunity to obtain better coverage limits and lower deductibles on their property portfolio. We help our clients to acquire FEMA federal grant and mitigation money.  

Impact Assessment of Coastal Flooding

Have coastal properties in your portfolio? Take proper action to minimize both potential casualties and damages of coastal flooding to your investment. We take great pride in our flood defense solutions for our clients' coastal properties. With our Flood Sensory System, you will be able to get the fastest possible warning to an impending flood event. Property owners can access the real-time data online and view any immediate threats via email or text message. Our barriers are FEMA compliant, environmentally friendly, double chambered, and FM global certified. 

FEMA Compliant, Flood Mitigation Consulting Services  

We provide in-depth, professional, FEMA compliant, flood mitigation consulting to construction companies and real estate developers. We have the tools and expertise to anticipate the potential future Base Flood Elevation (BFE). With our architectural and engineering experience in flood protection, we can work with clients to evaluate the data and prepare recommendations to current design specifications.  These services increase the chances of providing a structure that complies with the future Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMS) which will maintain the lowest flood insurance premium rates well into the future. 

24/7 Flood Watch & Flood Forecasting Program

While monitoring your flood exposure, we provide real-time advanced flood warning alerts when flooding occurs on your properties. Using our advanced technology, our Flood Sensory Systems notify our clients and Flood Deployment Teams via email or text to provide the best protection available.  Our 24/7 Flood Watch & Forecasting Program protects your buildings from devastating flooding and ensures you have the maximum amount of time to prepare for a flooding event.

Flood Defense Solutions

We offer 24/7 emergency Flood Defense Solutions that save you precious time when it really matters. Our advanced flood defense solutions are carefully selected to provide the best protection to your properties from the risk of flooding. Some of our Flood Defense Solutions include flood vents, flood panels, flood barriers, flood defense walls, and other effective techniques. We customize our flood defense products to the needs of your property and provide proactive emergency set-up prior to the flooding event. This protects your properties from the devastation and destruction caused by flooding.

Flood Re-Mapping Program

When getting a true analysis, FEMA maps may not always be accurate and up to date. We provide the most current flood maps available. Get a better flood coverage for your property by taking advantage of our advanced Flood Re-Mapping Program. 

Flood Zone Determinations 

We provide quick and easy Flood Zone Determinations for your properties that shows your actual flood risk in real-time while helping you remain compliant with flood zone regulations and lender requirements.

Elevation Certificates

Elevation Certificates are required by insurance carriers in order for you to obtain flood insurance on your property. Take advantage of our proactive service of obtaining fast and inexpensive Elevation Certificates through the online access to the national County Clerks Records that saves you time and money.

Property Portfolio Flood Risk Assessment

As a cost-efficient flood risk management solution, the Flood Risk Assessment evaluates both positive and negative changes to your properties located in the flood zone. This helps you mitigate the risk while improving the efficiency of your business operations.

Flood-Proofing Certificates

We help you obtain Flood-Proofing Certificates by flood-proofing your properties with flood vents, flood panels, and  flood-proofing techniques. This helps you to reduce flood loss, acquire lower flood premiums, deductibles, and better coverage limits. Our services can be offset with FEMA mitigation funding. 

Pre-Emergency Preparedness Planning

Pre-Emergency Preparedness Planning is a full-service flood risk management program launched by Flood Risk America that offers flood prevention when the need for emergency preparedness is the most significant and immediate response is critical. It includes our signature 24/7 Flood Watch Program along with a set of flood protection products that can be deployed quickly in order to meet immediate flooding threats. This extremely effective combination of valued flood protection products and equipment is suited for all weather-related perils. It ensures that your investments are protected from flooding before it even occurs. 

Our unique flood risk management and flood protection solutions enhance the marketability of your properties and allows you to make smarter business decisions to avoid large flood losses.